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Xray reflectivity is a very sensitive method to investigate thinfilm and multilayer structures. Recent developments in the xray reflectivity analysis. The xray diffraction laboratory has tools for studying surface layers or thin film structures, single crystals, powders, and solids. D environments, the development of nondestructive characterization techniques to probe the composition over the depth of deposited films is thus necessary. Xray diffraction please use the cif ilab portal to request training and schedule time on instruments. Thickness measurements also require that a portion of the light travel through the entire film and return to the surface. The determination of thin film thickness and density from xray specular and offspecular reflectivity data obtained using a conventional powder diffractometer has been investigated. An analysis of specular reflectivity data for a 565. This is the fifth article in the series of xray thinfilm measurement techniques. Basic principles of xray reflectivity in thin films. Concerning the thickness range of application, it is well suited for many materials used in modern information technologies.

Instruments available panalytical xpert pro mrd xray reflectivity xrr specular xray reflectivity xrr, a technique related to xray diffraction xrd, is becoming a widely used tool for the characterization of thinfilm and multilayer structures. Part of malvern panalyticals xrd software range, reflectivity uses the. Superconducting properties and chemical composition of. In this technique, monochromatic xrays reflected from the sample surface at low incident angles are measured and analyzed with a typical accuracy of. Openfilters offers multiple tools for the design and optimization of optical interference coatings, including refinement, the needle method, the step method, the fourier transform method and multiband rugates. The incident angle, w, is defined between the xray source and the sample. Thickness measurement products thin film thickness. The background of thin film model is explained at the beginning, and followed with the theory for calculating the amplitude reflection transmission coefficients, phase change, as well as reflectance and transmittance.

The reflectivity pattern produced is an average of thickness, density and roughness information in the xdirection, but provides a profile of the thicknesses in the y direction, which could be. Xray reflectivity xrr is an ex situ nondestructive technique that allows one to investigate thin film characteristics such as the layer thickness, t, interface roughness. I would like to ask which is, on your opinion, the best fitting software available for. The measurement is based on specular reflectance and uses fiber optics reflectance probe. Xray reflectivity, thickness determination, savitzkygolay algorithm. I would like to ask which is, on your opinion, the best fitting software available for xrr. A software for combined evaluation of grazing incidence xray fluorescence and xray reflectivity is presented. The film density is deduced from xray reflectometry xrr at a first time. Xray reflectivity sometimes known as xray specular reflectivity, xray reflectometry, or xrr is a surfacesensitive analytical technique used in chemistry, physics, and materials science to characterize surfaces, thin films and multilayers. Grazing incidence xray reflectivity has been employed to investigate ultrathin films of tetrahedral amorphous carbon tac grown with an sbend filtered. The term highresolution xray diffraction hrxrd applies to the analysis of epitaxial thin films or single crystals using a doubleaxis or tripleaxis diffractometer. Xray reflectivity is a unique technique that can determine surface and interface roughness, film thickness, and the density of the thin film samples in a nondestructive manner. Hrxrd is used to determine the thickness, relaxation, composition, and defect density of epitaxial thin films. Thinfilm thickness and density determination from xray.

Evaluation of uniformity of thin film thickness by xray reflectivity mapping grazing incident xray diffraction gixrd and xray reflectivity xrr studies of a nimnga material ondemand inplane scanning for thin film analysis. Recent advances in semiconductor xray metrology dileep agnihotri jordan valley semiconductors, inc. These curves are correlated to the layer thickness, depth distribution and mass density of the elements in the sample. Process control of ultra thin film measurements by xray. From these reflectivity curves, layer parameters such as thickness and density. The background of thin film model is explained at the beginning, and followed with the theory for calculating the amplitude reflectiontransmission coefficients, phase change, as well as reflectance and transmittance. I am trying to use xrr to estimate the thickness of my sputtered films, the way i am doing. From the critical angle, the periodicity and intensity variations in the xray reflectivity data, the thin film density and thickness can be determined. Xray reflectivity analysis of thin films rigaku global. Xray reflectivity investigation of polystyrene thin films.

Rigakus smartlab diffractometer has made xray reflectivity measurements a very simple task. Introduction to high resolution xray diffraction of. The curve above describes the xray reflectivity of titania layer obtained by ion plating ip process, while the curve down shows the xray reflectivity of titania layer prepared by reactive ion plating rip technique. Xray reflectivity of titania thin films deposited on glass support by two techniques. In this work, we have evaluated the structure of hfsilicate thin films by the xray reflectivity xrr technique. This is the fifth article in the series of xray thinfilm measurement. How might i measure ultra thin film thickness with xray reflectivity. Jgixa a software package for the calculation and fitting of grazing. Ald and mbedeposited layers, in order to adjust growth rates. Xray reflectometry xrr is an analytical technique for investigating thin layered. Remagx is a scientific software to calculate and fit the specular xray reflection from a thin film sample taking into account magnetic contributions. The diffracted angle, 2q, is defined between the incident beam and detector angle. Thickness determination of thin films by energy dispersive xray spectroscopy canl.

Ssi will develop a novel tool for measurement of thin film thickness based on xray reflectivity of the sample. Maps thinfilm thickness of samples up to 450 mm in diameter as fast as two points per second. Sample stage can support up to 200mm wafers or 200mm x 200mm rigidflexible samples. Thin film metrology via xrr xray reflectivity, hrxrd high resolution xray diffraction and rsm reciprocal space maps, gid grazing incidence diffraction, wafer mapping.

Image plate xray diffraction and xray reflectivity. Thin film metrology xray thin film analysis malvern. This experimental curve is fit to a model structure by rigakus gixrr reflectivity software. Therefore considerable efforts are being devoted to the development of highquality highk dielectric thin films such as hfsilicate thin films. It is used to determine layer thickness, density and roughness of thin layered samples. The software helps to significantly speed up the analysis by providing automatic fitting of simulated to experimental specular xray reflectivity curves. Xray reflectivity can be employed to measure the thickness of films, e. Information about crystallites, absolute stereochemistry, domain sizes, defects, surface thickness and roughness, and chemical composition may be obtained.

Xray diffraction xrd is a primary technique for the study of advanced materials, including investigation of the following properties. Xray reflectivity xrr wisconsin centers for nanoscale. An xray reflectivity curve measured from a wcn alloy film on a silicon. Inline compositional and thickness metrology using xps for ultrathin dielectric films. Xray parallel beam methods thin film crystallographic orientation glancing grazing angle xrd methods. Xray reflectivity analysis of thin films rigaku global website. Our project includes thin films with different thickness preparation, xray reflectivity. Using the thickness obtained by both ellipsometry and xrr techniques, we can deduce the density of the film at a second.

For this reason, the hitachi ft150 is designed with polycapillary optics an optical element that works like a convex lens to focus xrays onto a microspot by using several thousand glass capillary tubes. Xpert reflectivity is a software package for displaying, simulating and fitting xray reflectivity curves. Eqtfmsld is the thin film thickness measurement system that provides a quick and reliable solution to measure the thickness of translucent or low absorbing thin films from 15 nm to 50 um with 400 nm 1100 nm spectral range. Xray reflectivity is a surfacesensitive analytical technique used in chemistry, physics, and materials science to characterize surfaces, thin films and multilayers.

Xray reflectivity characterisation of thinfilm and. The modular hardware and software design is key for customization to a range of applications. Filmthickness measurement solutions for your application. The technique provides valuable information over a wide variety of scientific and technological applications including chemical aggregation, polymer and surfactant adsorption, structure of thin film magnetic. Measurement tools based on xray methods, such as xrd, xrr and xrf, have proven to provide rapid, nondestructive, reliable and accurate access to critical thin film parameters ranging from ultrathin single layers to complex multilayer stacks. If you have a decent x ray diffractometer you may want to consider xray reflectivity xrr measurements. If the material absorbs light, thickness measurements by optical instruments will be limited to thin, semiopaque layers. Application of spectral reflectivity to the measurement of. Thin film thickness determination using xray reflectivity and savitzkygolay algorithm article pdf available in optica applicata 412 january 2011 with 368 reads how we measure reads. Coating thin mirror segments for lightweight xray optics. Measuring and fitting the xrr curves with proprietary siriusxrr stateoftheart software analysis program will allow determination of.

The experimental data are treated on the basis of a simple absorptiondiffraction model involving the glancing angle of xray incidence. Characterization of thin films by low incidence xray. The program is able to simulate standard nonmagnetic xray reflectivity for variable energies based upon the so called parratt formalism. Another free software thinfilm program is openfilters. This limitation can be circumvented by targeting measurments to a spectral region with lower absorption. E it can be used to measure film thickness from several to. Barron, hereby grant permission to the wallace library, of the rochester institute of technology, to reproduce this document in whole or in part, with the. Xray reflectometry xrr is widely applicable to the measurement of. Rocking curve analysis reciprocal lattice mapping xray reflectivity methods xray fluorescence methods.

Neutron reflectometry is a neutron diffraction technique for measuring the structure of thin films, similar to the often complementary techniques of xray reflectivity and ellipsometry. What is the best fitting software for xrr measurements. Coating thin mirror segments for lightweight xray optics kaiwing chan1,a,c, marton sharpeb,c, william zhangc, linette kolosc, melinda hongb,c, ryan mcclellandb,c, bruce r. On the other hand, the measured values of electron probe microanalysisx epma treated by stratagem software can give the mass thickness of the film. The xray reflectivity method is powerful tool to investigate the basic physical properties such as film thickness and roughness, surface tension and conformality 1, 2. Thin film thickness determination using xray reflectivity and. The second aspect of ultra thin measurement requirements, microspot capabilities those under 100um, requires advanced xray optics. It is related to the complementary techniques of neutron reflectometry and ellipsometry. For each thin film, the film thickness, density, and roughness were determined by xray reflectivity xrr measurements. The second, third and forth articles of this series, previously published in the rigaku journal, describe outofplane, highresolution and inplane xrd measurements to obtain crystallographic information on crystal size, lattice strain and orientation relationship of a thin film material.

Reflectance spectrometer for thin film measurement with. Highreflectance, sputterdeposited aluminum alloy thin films for microelectromechanical systems by lance w. Thin film thickness and critical angle can also be approximated with a linear fit of. The main parameters obtained are thickness, roughness, and layer density. The compact system is easy to setup and user friendly. Xray reflectivity study of hafnium silicate thin films. Xray scattering at very small diffraction angles allows characterization of the electron density profiles of thin films down to a few.

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