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There is a chance, albeit rather slim, that this update could brick your wiikey. Wiikey, have suggested that its this convenience they seek most, not necessarily the ability to play stolen games. There are still lots of wii games that dont work on the wii console with wiikey modchip. For more information on the wiikey and its features and functions, please visit our wiikey product page. All best modchips enable the use homebrew software that is unlicensed thirdparty programs and games homemade for gamecube and wii. This fixes the issue with original ssbb discs not working and it should also no longer be possible to render. Download english ntsc usa wii iso torrents for playing on us euro jap modded wii consoles. Find all the latest nintendo wii and wii u modchip related files and resources in this section. Taking apart your nintendo wii is probably the hardest most challenging part of the wiikey install. Oct 27, 2017 mascha vlogt daarnaast op haar eigen vloggloss kanaal waar ze je dagelijks een persoonlijk kijkje in haar leven geeft. Winpic800 is very simple to use and doesnt have the problems with flashing the complete code that some of the other programs have. Drivekey finaly a chip for all versions of the wii. Wii modchips ds modchips acekard 2i supercard ds2 dstwo ds two m3i ievolution ps jailbreak ps jailbreak r4 usa canada north america acekard2i dstti r4i r4isdhc xbox 360 x360usb pro ck3pro probe3 usb.

Most wii modchips can bypass copy protection and region coding of the nintendo wii and by that they are enabling you to play copied games iso files from torrents and alos original and backup wii isos released in other regions. Jun 05, 2010 what is the best wii mod chip available out there. Drivekey wii modchip installation video tutorial youtube. First the game has to be extracted ripped dumped from the wii dvd disc and that can be done on wii if you have a wiikey mod chip installed there is a utility that will let you backup entire games to sd card in raw form. As a wiikey 1 user, you can now confidently brag to your friends by saying that you own the single longestsupported wii modchip in the world.

Jun 05, 2008 installing a wiikey on my friends wii. Wiikey i believe is goin to be for long out of the scene close, we all might need to migrate to a newer version of the chip in order to play our backups. The modchip install so easily that even a novice can complete the installation in 15 minutes or less. Wiikey testing the nintendo wii modchip ghacks tech news. Burn the iso to empty dvdr rw, using free wii game dvd burning software. The wiikey modchip the wiikey was announced at the beginning of february 2007 and shipped at the end of the month. This has been tested to work with a d2c wii modded with a d2ckey and a d2b wii modded with a wiikey. I didnt have to do anything, it left the hbc intact, all my loaders work great. According to the team, wiikey u is billed as the first and only optical drive. Supports all corona v including boards with winbond 2kb memory. Modchips might be outdated, but i still find it useful to be able to boot burned disc there was a time when some dual layer discs werent compatible with softmods, and being able to burn them gave me the chance to play them flawlessly before the others, and also if his wii has gc support, a modchip would allow to boot and play backups of gc. Similar to gamecube the new nintendo wii console has vonerabilities that can potentially be exploited to run unsigned code, backup game copies and home made code on the console.

The modchip wiikey lets you play backups from the same region, which means wiikey can play backed up pal games on european systems and backed up ntsc games on japanese and us wii systems. If you do not agree with such terms and conditions. The wiikey was announced at the beginning of february 2007 and shipped at the end of the month. Wiikey firmware update afterdawn discussion forums. Another method for backup involves using a utility for pc with a specific lg dvd drive. Also, an official software update that does not work with the clones has yet.

I thought it looked cool, but i dont know how useful it would actually be. The simple reason a software update can brick your wii best mod is a wiikey chip. When a firmware update disc from the wiikey team does become available im sure the word will be out on the forums very quickly. Wiikey upgradeable modchip offers more for modders engadget. Released back in 2007, the original wiikey 1 modchip is still receiving updates and is fully compatible with the latest copy protection systems. Homebrew is another important aspect of why you would want to chip your machine, the wii dvd player software is a great example, this homebrew software will allow you to play dvd movies on your wii which was not possible in an unmodified state, so far there is a host of homebrew. And if you think it would be too had to install a mod by yourself you can order a premod that is a premodified nintendo wii dvdrom drive with a modchip already installed by professionals. Wii firmware updates, wii and wiikey resources page 4. To play new super mario brother wii game backup on a wiikey 2 modded wii machine, wiikey 2 need to.

Wiikey 2 firmware update procedure david yins blog. Sep 17, 20 guillermo built an open source hardware gamecube modchip based on the xenogc. Download your wii softmod software with simple step by step instructions. Wiikeyfusion, wiikey2, d2pro modchip consoletronics. You will need to have an active internet connection to d. Introduced in early 2007, the wiikey mod chip was quickly snapped up by gamers who are into modding their consoles. While youre stuck at home, make the most of your time by learning a new language, skill, or even train for a remotework job with our new premium online courses. The good thing about wiikey and cyclowiz is that new features are improvements are implemented in simple firmware software updates that can be installed from a rewritable dvd. The drivekey modchip clips between the motherboard and the wii drive and allows you to play 100% of your backup games.

May 28, 20 4 comments it is currently possible to buy two modchips for the nintendo wii gaming system with another one becoming available every day now. Like the wiikey fusion, its possible to use it on a gamecube too since it is a direct clone. To play new super mario brother wii game backup on a wiikey 2 modded wii machine, wiikey 2 need to update its firmware to 1. Step 3, put the disk into wii and load the program. Even better, i came across the cyclowiz wiikey modchip.

The consoles output resolution is only 480i p, the lack of an hdmi output on the wiii makes installations and wiring more complex and troublesome. Since you dont know what firmware you are running, update the wiikey firmware first. These are the drivers and software for the flatmii optical drive emulator for the wii. This is a firmware update for the wiikey 2, one of the best.

On the other hand, there are tools that you have to use to open the console. The xenogc was a popular modchip back in the gamecube days, and its source was released in a forum post. The wiikey team grants you a nonexclusive license to use such software with the wiikey 2 hardware product only. Wii firmware updates, wii and wiikey resources afterdawn. See the wiki page for the wiikey fusion for further information. The wasp fusion is a drive replacement modchip for the nintendo wii, which is attached solderless. There are complex devices that will allow playing of games from a usb hard drive, the cheapest device is softmodding then the most expensive and complex is the wode device. This is a 100% solderless chip that works with all drives, even if you have the epoxy, d3d2nothing drive. We are pleased to be able to announce the release of firmware update 1. Modchip will bypass copy protection and let you boot backups from dvdr and dvdrw discs as if they were original games. These are the drivers and software for the flatmii optical drive. Wasabi zero solderless universal modchip, cyclowiz v2. Also feel free to message me if you have a wiikey fusion or wasp fusion for sale. How to install a solderless mod chip in a nintendo wii.

Step 1, download the firmware update and config disk iso file. Drivekey, modchip for wii d3 d2nothing shop01media. Unless nintendo finds out what the wiikey group used as an exploit. I have been reading and researching on your site the last couple of days, and just had a couple questions about the nintendo wii mod chip, the wiikey. Also be sure to get the correct firmware and config disc for your region. If you have any questions regarding the different mod chips or etc. Wiikey is one of the modchips that is available for nintendos wii gaming system. If you have a jap or pal wii console with modchip in it you can play usa titles because the modchip will override the region block. Hi,guys,i mod solderlessly drivekey with a bad feedback,it cannot read all wii game disc,works not very stablely,ing this bitch made me so disappointed. Wiikey upgradeable modchip offers more for modders. Just use a slow write speed for better results, 4x with dvdr discs seem to be wii friendly. From the same people behind the wiikey and wiikey 2 mod chips come the ultimate wii chip. Question april 2017 where can i find a wiikeywasp fusion. Wiikey wiinewz note you do not need to update to previous firmwares first, you can update straight to 1.

Wii drivekey modchip update 2009 modchip central prlog. Currently wii modchip operates by tricking the wiis dvd drive into sending the ok to the motherboard hen it reqests disc authentication because of this wii chips are many times referred to as drive chips. Nintendo responds to new wii u console hack toms guide. This one looks like a much easier to implement modchip. Hay everyone, heres my wiikey fusion install video on wii. My question is how the heck we could have future update. And also as of this moment datels method of software modding a wii has been countered with the latest firmware update from nintendo. The nintendo wii is the only major gaming console that does not have hdmi output. This fixes the issue with original ssbb discs not working and it should also no longer be possible to render the chip inoperable by using patched config discs. Wiikey mod chip for nintendo wii 100% genuine uppgradable chip, plays all games from all regions on wii consoles d2ad2b chipsets only. My installation of my wiikey 2 yellow sticker in my nintendo wii. This is for most wii models fully updateable and configurable via dvd disk there is no risk of bricking your console with this. Uppgradable chip, plays all games from all regions on wii consoles d2ad2b chipsets only. When i saw the new modchip d2d key or whatever, i would like to take off my wiikey and.

Thanks to brolaps we now know that the december 10 and 20 updates are modchip safe. New wiikey 2 v2 yellow label modchip for all wii models this is not a soft. Wiikey features boots all nintendo wii backups from dvdr. Wiikey modchip faq nintendo wii chip mods drivekey. A friend of mine has a wiinja modchip, but that looks like a pita to solder.

The only thing thats forced me to do anything recently was gh5 as i had to install hermes cios 223 to get it working. Similar to the other mod chips, the wiikey is also installed into the wii u console drive by quicksoldering or through the six wires. Wii modchip is custom microchip that removes builtin copy protection of wii consoles. May 01, 20 nintendo confirms hacker claim for wii u mod chip.

Personally i always update online vs using the update that the game wants to install. A setup disc downloadable from the chips website can be used to update the wiikey mod chip. This is a firmware update for the wiikey 2, one of the best solutions for dmsd2e. Jul 06, 2009 complete instructions on how to install the drivekey wii modchip in your wii. I havent burned discs for some time now but quality discs like verbatium will yield better results also. Without a doubt this chip will make life much easier for game lovers.

Drivekey, the worlds first entirely solderless and absolutely no clip modification chip to the nintendo wii, has now arrived on the shelves of online stores and ready to take over the market after so much of its prelaunch hype. Region patching on the fly, no more audio streaming, problems, simple disc based optional boot to configuration menu for configuring chip system settings. Drivekey chip nintendo wii mod chip 100% solderless. Wiikey 2 installation yellow sticker sped up youtube. Wii firmware updates, wii and wiikey resources page 8. The official website of wiikey is no longer available. Wii mod chip maker wiikey enters nintendos nextgen with a cracked wii u, reverse engineering the systems guts and opening the door for pirated games. Where do i go about purchasing one and installing etc etc. Wii modchip general questions by executioner mon mar 23, 2009 2. After you have done that go ahead and do the online wii update.

Download the wiikey update discs from, or links below this article. Modchips are mainly used in video game consoles, but also in some dvd or bluray players. The wii modchips are really coming on fast, with wiinja and cyclowiz already drawing their own shares of fanboys and detractors, but the latest chip on the scene, wiikey, from the same kids. Wii drivekey modchip update 2009 the wiikey like mod chip the new fourth generation drivekey chip. D2sun sunkey drivekey 2 solderless chip d3 wii drives. Its main purpose is to configure the wiikey modchip settings. My gamecubes backups can play flawlessly, any solution guys. Learn how to download and install a wii softmod software on your very own wii console. Nintendo confirms hacker claim for wii u mod chip slashgear. Wii modchip comparision wiinja, cyclowiz, wiikey by martin brinkmann on february 18, 2007 in games last update. Xecuter cr4 xl rghjtag slim and phat usacanada final generation of tx x360 mod.

Wii u hack means that mod chips and headaches for nintendo. The wiikey like mod chip the new fourth generation drivekey chip. Can i use the nintendo wii controller to play gc games. Step 5, after reboot, and go into the program, it is config page. A modchip short for modification chip is a small electronic device used to alter or disable artificial restrictions of computers or entertainment devices.

Discussion in wii game ripping, custom mods started by hotchef, jan 12, 2011. Able to run all my back up games nd that includes my gamecube backups now only 5 wii backups can play while the rest cannot read anymore. Ausgamestore nintendo wii repair modchip melbourne sydney brisbane. Got backup burnt game discs then all you need is the wiikey modchip simple cheap and is the best option for playing burnt game discs. Using the wii options menu, it is possible to upgrade your wii software to the latest version released from nintendo for the gaming console.

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